Okeba is promoting the adaptation of climate smart agriculture practices and technologies to foster yield transformation at the farm level. It is providing climate-resilient and sustainable seed varieties (Maksoy 3N), by linking farmers to BAGEZA SACCO for seed loans, to ensure all acquire the needed seed to produce soybean. Additionally, farmers are getting soil testing services to assist in understanding the mineral deficiencies of their productive lands.

Okeba is also training targeted farmers on strategies such as crop rotations; aimed at maintaining and enhancing soil nutrients. Then to proof farmers from climate shocks, it is linking them to crop insurance services by partnering with Ensibuuko technologies. In addition, the company is ensuring farmers get constant weather information from the National Meteorology Authority to assist their cultivation planning.

Key Interventions

  • Enhance the capacity of 8,000 smallholder farmers to improve soybean output by 15% through climate-smart agronomy, linkages to input suppliers, and mechanized farming by 2022.
  • Improve resilience to climate Change amongst targeted farmers through the promotion of appropriate climate-smart agricultural practices.
  • Improve efficiency in soybean inputs delivery, agronomy, and markets access through mapping strategic and establishing inputs delivery channels, organized inputs sourcing, accredited suppliers and link with financial service providers, and conduct farmers deal-making business workshops for value chain actors interaction and farmers exposure.
  • Improve business turnover by at least 10% through developing new market channels and increasing volumes of soybean marketed.

About the Business Champion 

Okeba Uganda Ltd is a privately owned company in the produce business. Since 2017, when the company registered, it has expanded its business to buyers domestically and in the regional markets. With offices on plot 616 in Mubende, along the Kampala highway, Okeba can coordinate the supply of soybean, common beans, and maize from smallholder farmers and farmers cooperatives in the districts of Mubende, Kyegegwa, Kakumiro, and Kyejojo.

In addition, the company’s insistence on quality assurance through internal measures such as using quality analysis equipment set it apart from others in a similar business. Then its fleet of trucks that ferry produce from farmers enables Okeba to make timely deliveries, attracting services of big buyers such as Ugachick breeders ltd, Sn sekubuga co ltd, Mmacks investments ltd, World Food Programme (WFP), and other companies in countries such as Rwanda and Kenya.