The partnership between Quinam Investment Company Ltd (Quinum) and CRAFT aims to improve sorghum output of 4,500 smallholder farmers (SHFs) by 15% by 2022 through the promotion of appropriate climate smart agronomy.

Key interventions

  • Build the capacity of the business champion in leadership, business management skills, marketing, and financial inclusion.
  • Enhance the capacity of 4,500 smallholder farmers by 2022 on scheduled contract farming agreements to improve sorghum production by 15% through climate smart agronomy.
  • Recruit and train 20 Training of Trainers (ToTs) on climate smart agriculture. In turn, the ToTs are expected to train the SHFs, conduct continuous sensitisation, and follow up on agreed actions.
  • Facilitate linkages between farmers and 9 value chain actors in areas of mechanisation, finance, inputs, offtakers, and storage.
  • Facilitate the set up 20 demo farms to showcase CSA practices and technologies and facilitate self-directed learning for SHFs.

About the Business Champion

Quinam Investment Company Ltd (Quinum) is a women-owned and-run agribusiness founded on consistent relationships with farmer producer organizations.

Founded in 2013, as a cereal and legumes trader, the company has grown to accommodate over 1,500 farmers; and is diversifying its portfolio to include commodities such as maize, sugar, green grams, and sorghum.

Additionally, it is attracting multi-year contracts from Kenya’s largest brewing and food processing corporations. Quinam’s success is a result of strengthened linkages with sorghum farmers. Using formalized contractual arrangements, the company ably provides inputs, extension support, and market. Furthermore, Quinam works with value chain actors that include local aggregators and farm mechanization providers