Assisting farmers to realize production abundance is EA Fruits Farm a CRAFT Business Champion. The company is using climate-smart practices and technologies to improve potato yields and provide a market for farmers.

Key interventions

  • Enhance the capacity of 3,500 smallholder farmers to improve potato output by 15% through climate-smart agronomy, linkages to input suppliers, and mechanized farming by 2022.
  • Improve resilience to climate change amongst targeted farmers through the promotion of appropriate climate-smart agricultural practices.
  • Improve efficiency in potato inputs delivery, agronomy, and markets access
  • Improve business turnover by at least 10% through developing new market channels and increasing volumes of soybean marketed.

About the Business Champion  

EA Fruits Farm & Company Ltd (EAFFC) is an agribusiness company specializing in packaging and marketing fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains within Tanzanian and international markets. Located on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam, the company enjoys steady organic growth based on quality and customer satisfaction. At its present level, EAFFC can ensure that all the benefits associated with its growth are available while remaining at a size that ensures customers receive high-quality food products at an affordable price. 

With a highly experienced, passionate, and entrepreneurial team, EAFFC has a vision of eliminating food waste in East Africa and improving market access for farmers. To achieve this, the company uses efficient food distribution systems; while ensuring that smallholder farmers have a stable and growing source of income.