In August, I began a three-month exchange program, where I carried out hands-on practical training at three different farms in Germany’s beautiful countryside. Each farm had a different focus- dairy, potato, poultry, and biogas, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

Dairy Farming- A highlight of my journey was the time spent on a dairy farm. I got to witness every step of the dairy farming process, from taking care of the cattle to hands-on experiences with milking equipment and robotic milk processing. This gave me a deep understanding of the industry, including the importance of quality control and hygiene standards in dairy production.

Nelson at the dairy farm

Potato farming- I gained practical knowledge in planting, cultivation, and harvesting techniques. I learned about crop rotation, soil preparation methods, pest and disease management, and had hands-on experiences maintaining potato crops, which helped me understand sustainable farming practices better.

A bountiful harvest! Nelson at the potato farm.

Poultry management- My visit to the poultry farm was both educational and hands-on. I gained insights into different poultry breeds and their specific requirements, including feed preparation, nutrition, biosecurity measures, and disease prevention. This gave me a comprehensive understanding of poultry management practices.

Biogas Plant Management- The final leg of the program immersed me in the sustainable and innovative practices of biogas plant management. I gained knowledge of the fermentation process, hands-on experience in operating and maintaining a biogas plant and an understanding of the environmental benefits and renewable energy potential of biogas production.

This three-month exchange program in German farms has been an enriching and educational experience that has broadened my horizons in agriculture. The knowledge and practical skills acquired during this program have equipped me with a deeper understanding of dairy farming, potato farming, poultry management, and biogas plant operation. I look forward to applying the skills and knowledge I have gained in my future endeavours in the agricultural sector. This experience has not only enhanced my understanding of farming practices but has also fostered cultural exchange and international coope