Here are the main areas of focus for the project:

Enabling Environment: Engaging Stakeholders and Promoting Knowledge Sharing

CRAFT will leverage platforms such as the Climate Smart Agriculture Multi-Stakeholder platforms that exist in each country, to engage stakeholders and promote knowledge sharing. These platforms will also contribute towards fostering an enabling environment for smallholder farmers and agribusinesses. They will enable individuals and organizations in the sector to come together, exchange ideas, and collaborate on tackling the challenges in the agricultural sector. By fostering partnerships and facilitating information sharing, CRAFT aims to further enhance the impact of its work.

Learning: Promoting Cross-border Cooperation and Mutual Growth

CRAFT aims to facilitate in-country and cross-border farmer-to-farmer learning. These exchange visits provide an opportunity for knowledge transfer, fostering mutual learning and growth. By sharing best practices and experiences, CRAFT intends to strengthen regional agricultural practices. Read more about the impact of these learning events on farmer adoption of climate smart practices and technologies. 

Investing in Knowledge Sharing

CRAFT has made knowledge sharing a top priority for the upcoming months. The project plans to develop educational materials and communication products to effectively disseminate their findings. This will ensure that the project's valuable insights and solutions reach a wider audience. CRAFT aims to share this information on various forums and platforms, allowing others to benefit from their research and experiences. Here are some of the knowledge products CRAFT has developed. 

As part of the regional meeting, the CRAFT team also went on field visits to meet with various agriSMES and cooperatives that CRAFT had partnered with. One of their visits was to Pikwi, a women-led cooperative in Bukedea, Uganda. Pikwi showcased how addressing the climate crisis can be done effectively. With sunflower demo plots, a test lab, and member credit services, Pikwi demonstrates sustainable practices and resilience in the face of persistent drought and intense rains. This visit highlighted the importance of supporting cooperatives and SMEs in adapting and protecting against environmental challenges.

By Maxine Kampire 

CRAFT Multi-Country Marketing and Communications Officer